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I started the classes with Anna at the very beginning of my entrance in the body percussion world. She was the teacher I was looking for. I needed to control my body movement in the space. I also needed her to be a creative teacher in order to have the most resources to work on my own, as well as having ideas to be able to define methodological and psychological issues for the development of a class
Santi Serratosa, Musician. Musictherapist and body percussion.
While working as the Assistant Artistic Director of the tap dance and rhythm company Tapeplas in Barcelona, Spain, I had the pleasure of following the work of Anna for several years. Anna combines her many passions and skills such as dance, theatre, rhythm, music and drums into her own unique way of expression. She is a very dedicated and hard working artist who is always curious and exited to take part in creative processes while at the same time she works on finding her own artistic path. She is always committed 100% to the work and will always search for giving more than the obvious both on stage and in the studio. 
Yaron Engler, Musician, Speaker, Coach.
Our performing arts students thoroughly enjoyed the Body Percussion experience. Anna was very keen and welcoming and helped the students get the most out of the lessons.
Katie McCutcheon, Bodens Studios Director
I met Anna in the tap company Tapeplas (Barcelona) from 2006 to 2009. She is a great passionate dedicated to dancing. She creates the passion in her profession as well as a way of life. What I would highlight of her is her big happiness and the values, such as effort, constancy, and sincerity.
Edu Ibáñez, Drummer

Emma Santacana

Anna has been my tap teacher for 4 years and going to her class was always a pleasure! Her classes were funny and at the same time a challenge, so we were able to learn a lot in a nice and enjoyable environment. Anna has a lot of sense of humour and radiates happiness! Furthermore, she has a lot of patiœence and is always willing to help.
Emma Santacana, Tap Student
Anna and I have shared the stage during eight years as a dancer of the tap dance company Tapeplas, directed by Sharon Lavi, as well as, more recently, a cover member of the tap dance  company Tap Olé, directed by Guillem Alonso and Roser Font. I want to highlight her tenacity and companionship as well as her efficiency on the stage. When rehearsing she was the first willing to improve all the steps and routines. She has always conveyed her enthusiasm and creativity and has given all her feeling in all the shows. It’s been a pleasure working with her.
Laia Molins, Tap Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher. Director of the dance company R.E.M