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cartell batuescola

Games and Resources of Body Percussion in the Classroom

Place: Conservatori de Sant Cugat Day: Saturday 18 march  2017 Time: 11:00-13:00 Price: Members 12€ and non members 20€ Registrations: you need to send an email to performat@labatuescola.catRead More
Logo Dance Scape

Dancescape – Tap Dance Sessions

Tap Dance Sessions for dancers, beginners and advanced Dancescape: http://www.dancescape.es/inicio Days: Thursdays Time: 19:00-20:00 (Dancers) 20:00-21:00 (beg) and 21:00-22:00 (adv-beg) Price: Ask Dancescape – 973 230 705Read More
Percussió corporal principiants avançats

Body Percussion Monthly Weekend Workshops in Barcelona

Body Percussion Monthly Weekend Workshops in Barcelona Level: beginners and Adv-Intermediate. Place: http://www.piramidance.com – Carrer Pallars, 85 (5 minutes from Bogatell and Marina’s undergrounds) Day: Sturday 21th January de 2017 Time: 17:00-19:00 (adv-int) i 19:00-21:00 (beg) Price: 18€ Registration: info@annallombart.comRead More
Logo Coral Sant Medir

Parents Choir at Coral Sant Medir (Sant Medir Choir)

New group formed by the parents of youngest singers of the choir. Rehearsals every Friday from 18.15h to 19.30h. Coral Sant Medir: http://coralsantmedir.cat Price: Choir director +34 615973961Read More
Logo Coral Sant Medir

Body Percussion Young Group – Coral Sant Medir

Body Percussion Young Group Ages: 12 to 20 years old at Coral Sant Medir: http://coralsantmedir.cat Day: Fridays Time: 20:15-21:15 Preu: Choir director: +34 615973961Read More
Món de mones

Món de Mones – Tap dance sessions

Tap Dance sessions every Wednesday from 15:10 to 16:10. Level: Adult Beginners and Advanced Beginners. Price: http://mondemonesteatre.comRead More
Coral infantil Joncar petit

Body Percussion Classes in Coral Infantil Joncar Petit (Joncar Petit Choir)

Body Percussion as part of the activities in Coral Infantil Joncar Petit Mondays from 17:30 to 19:00 Levels: Groups / Ages: Early Birds (4-7) Kids (8-13) Prices: coral.joncar.petit@gmail.comRead More
Escuela La Pua Oficina Musical

Body Percussion Clases in Sant Cugat del Vallès

2 levels of Body Percussion sessions at “La Pua – Oficina Musical” 1.- Body Percussion Beginner Level Dates and times: Wednesday since 18/1 until 23/3 from 19 to 20.30h (10 sessions) Price per person: 90€ / (10 sessions) 2.- Body...Read More